North American Award Center, a worldwide leader in mail-in contests, and its affiliate companies have paid over 6 million dollars in cash and prizes to contest winners, with grand prizes of as much as 15,000 dollars. North American Award Center gives entrants challenging opportunities with puzzles and games, which can result in the winning of significant cash prizes. North American Award Center offers a Consumer Awareness Program to assist customers in understanding the specifics of direct mail business, encouraging their contest entrants to become knowledgeable about the industry by answering questions about topics such as the differences between contests and sweepstakes or lotteries, entry fees, guarantees, and contest rules and regulations.

When a participant enters a North American Award Center contest, they become involved in a game of skill, often requiring completion of math-based word problems. Each North American Award Center contest includes several rounds of play, with each round becoming increasingly more challenging. The entries are judged based on actual answers, eliminating any reliance on chance or luck in order to win. At the end of each North American Award Center contest, a Grand Prize winner is determined by their successful completion of each round by the contest deadline. In the event of a tie, North American Award Center divides the prizes equally. Customers may request sample tiebreaker puzzles at any stage in the competition.

In addition to the regular availability of customer service representatives by phone or mail, North American Award Center offers all active contest entrants a risk-free guarantee that does not require an explanation from the customer in order to receive a full refund. North American Award Center also provides contest entrants with a strict privacy policy in order to protect customer information.

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